January/February 2018 Newsletter

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Maine Nordmenn Maanedlig Nyheter

Monthly events and activities for January and February 2018Meeting location: Falmouth American Legion, 65 Depot Road, Falmouth, ME 04105
Website:  www.mainenordmenn.com

Maanedlig Nyheter (Monthly News) is a monthly publication the Maine Nordmenn to keep you informed of opportunities to participate in lodge activities.

God Jul og Godt Nyttaar

A special thank you to all who worked on and attended our annual Julefest festivities!  A special note of gratitude to Tom Grant from Simply Scandinavian for his donations and support of our lodge!

Thursday, January 4
1-4 PM           Crafts & Culture
Carvers, knitters, and more gather to work on their craft and socialize.

5:30 PM         Membership Meeting and Program

  • Meet and greet (half hour) – bring an appetizer to share
  • Announcements
  • Program – John Foss, Karl Livollen, and Steve Graef will share their experience and photos from their visit to the Viking long ship Draken Harald Hårfagre in Mystic, CT

Book Club, January 9
9AM    Location TBA
This will be a meeting to organize the club and determine books to be read.  Herb Hoppe is graciously spearheading this effort.  He is searching for a location so, if you are interested, contact him for an update at hahoppe@yahoo.com.
Future meetings will be the second Tuesday of the month.  Herb is researching location options.  More information to follow.

Thursday, February 1
1-4 PM           Crafts & Culture
Carvers, knitters, and more gather to work on their craft and socialize.

5:30 PM         Members Dinner and Meeting

  • 5:30    Meet and greet
  • 6          Dinner (Please bring a dish to share!)
  • 6:30    Informal opportunity for members to provide input and share their ideas with the Maine Nordmenn Board
  • 7          Game Night

Board Positions Available
There are 2 Executive Board positions that remain open; i.e. Program Director and Membership Director.  Both of these positions are very valuable to the members of our lodge.  Please give it your consideration and contact President, John Foss, at johnfossjr@gmail.com or 207-357-2397, if you are willing to step forward.

Committee Positions Available
The Maine Nordmenn Board is forming committees to increase the involvement and effectiveness of our organization.  Help is needed for the following committees:

  • membership
  • fundraising
  • events
  • scholarship
  • review of bylaws and policies and procedures (meeting between Christmas and New Year’s)

If you are interested, contact President, John Foss, at johnfossjr@gmail.com or 207-357-2397.

A Note from the President
There are two words that aren’t said enough and they are “Thank You.”  My personal thanks go out to that core group of Maine Nordmenn who make all the meetings and events possible; countless hours along with money donated behind the scenes making sure all goes well.

Increasing membership and participation will always be a challenge; one that we can approach as a group with the goal of our Sons of Norway founding fathers of “fellowship.” With that in mind the Board is planning a number of smaller events: a summer picnic, Sea Dog baseball game, etc. Please contact me or attend any Maine Nordmenn meeting and share your ideas concerning membership and participation.

The Third District Convention will be held this June on Long Island.  Any Maine Nordmenn member in good standing is eligible to be a delegate.  Let me know if you are interest in becoming a delegate so that the lodge can vote on those who will represent the lodge.

Thank you,
John Foss

Installation of Officers
St. Lucia Celebration
New officers installed at Julefest by Judi Mack.  From left to right: Judi Mack, Mary Wiggins, Rosanne Graef, Cheryl Lunde, John Foss, Jim Wiggin, Karen Holberg.
Thank you to the retiring officers, in particular, Anne-Lise Moson, former President of Maine Nordmenn.
Clynk Fundraising Opportunity
Maine Nordmenn has a Clynk account and can provide members with the Clynk bags and tags at any regular membership meeting.  Anyone living in the area of Hannaford stores can easily participate and help the lodge out by donating their beverage returnables.  It’s an easy way to make a contribution to the lodge.Join Maine Nordmenn/Sons of Norway
Not yet a member?  It’s easy to join.  Just go to the Maine Nordmenn website at www.mainenordmenn.com and go to the “Join” icon to find the link.

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